Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Youths and agriculture; Mutisya's take on this

Question; What Reasons Hinder Active Involvement of Youth in Agriculture?
1. Lack of their rights to land ownership since most of the land is owned by their parents.
2. Ignorance/lack of commitment.
3. Lack of ability to raise funds for their Agricultural activities since majority are jobless.
4. High rate of land sub-division and fragmentation resulting to small pieces of land which cannot contribute to reasonable production and returns.
5. A lot of risks and uncertainties associated with Agriculture scare the youth from investing in enterprises .eg climate change, poor infrastructure and poor market.
6. Negative attitude towards Agriculture alternatively preferring to search for white color jobs in urban areas.

Question; How can they be Solved?
1. Campaign and educate on the importance of Agriculture in the modern life to convince them.
2. Assist them with information on farming skills, help them create Agricultural opportunities and link them to markets.
3. Give them freedom to express themselves and rights to ownership of land.
4.  Making them informed on the available local resources/inputs in order to reduce the cost of production thus keep them in farming.

Question;How do you Relate Youth and ICT in this Context?
This is an opportunity which goes down well with many youths thus they can access Agricultural information easily.               

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