Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Five ways of increasing youth involvement in Agriculture;

In our quest to increase youth involvement in Agriculture, here are some recommendations to jump start us:
1.      There is need for improved access to Training and Capacity Development
  • Improved training at the primary and secondary school level 
  • Linking School Agricultural  Operations with General Curriculum
  • More opportunities for on farm training for youth
  • Enterprise development training particularly in value added activities such as food processing  and packaging
2.      Access to resources plays a key role in the agricultural sector and therefore there is need for improved and easier access to resources such as:
  • Land
  • Capital
  • Technology and Information
  • Facilitating access to and encouraging the use of appropriate technology
  • Developing a data base of agencies  that can provide access to youth on information in agriculture
3.      Getting some financial reward from agriculture is the main driving force behind the sector and therefore it will be of paramount importance to Facilitating Market Opportunities. That is, providing targeted marketing opportunities for primary and value-added agricultural products produced by young entrepreneurs via special arrangements with schools, hotels etc.
4.      Providing motivation and improving the image of agriculture to make it appealing to the youths. That is, update policies and incentives
5.      Facilitating networking among youth will also increase their involvement in Agriculture. Such should entail providing incentives to encourage collaboration and group activity of youth

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