Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tie Agriculture to Youth's Interests to attract them

Thinking of how to involve youths in agriculture, I realized there is need to actively cultivate interest, and demonstrate that agriculture is relevant to youth. Educators must define agriculture and relate it to youths' lives. Sports or music celebrities could be enlisted to deliver messages to youth about agriculture.
For instance instead of discussing food, which seems to be of minor relevance in their lives, a discussion of a scenario such as, "leather comes from animals, and is made into the tennis shoes and basketballs, etc." may be more effective. Because there is such a detachment from agriculture in the minds' of youth, it is important to help them make connections.
Materials may also emphasize the technical aspects of agriculture and the various career opportunities in these "hi-tech" fields. For example, youth may be interested in genetic engineering, global positioning, or high performance engines.

Lower primary pupils in a local schoo
A popular adage in my community goes, ‘samaki mkunje angali mbichi’ this literally translates to – if you want to bend a fish, you must do it when it’s still fresh. After drying it breaks if you attempt to. In schools, older students appear to have already shaped their perceptions of agriculture, it may be best to target new efforts at children in the lower primary classes

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