Monday, October 17, 2011

Need for working on the image

In our endeavors to endear farming to people, there is a great need to work on people’s attitude on it. Agriculture is perceived as a low paying venture reserved for the poor, old fashioned and less educated in the society.
If young people are to choose to work in agriculture, all these need to be changed. There’s need to paint the sector as both a financially rewarding sector and as modern and challenging. However, for many young people, farming is perceived as old-fashioned, offering little opportunity for making money, and generally being something that you do if you fail your school exams, and cannot get a paid job in some other business. Those who decide to make a living from farming feel ashamed in front of their friends and they’d rather say they are jobless.
This image of farming can be addressed by use of agricultural extension officers, incorporation of youth-friendly information accessing/disseminating tools like ICTs, governments and non-government organizations organizing trainings for young people to start income generating agricultural-based projects and offering jobs for the youths in the sector instead of the old people. Above all, proper enumeration will see many youths streaming to the sector.

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