Monday, October 31, 2011

Land rights; hindering youth participation in agriculture

Early this year, a 29-year-old man was arrested for allegedly beating his father to death in Butere district, Kakamega County
Mr. Waswa killed his father Mzee Kombo, 65 and also a neighbor who was responding to the distress call from Mzee Kombo on that fateful night.
Waswa had a land dispute with his father; after unsuccessful search for a white color job in the city, Waswa resorted to going back home and start farming as away of self-employment. He therefore approached his father for his piece of land inheritance as per their communities’ customs but the father couldn’t hear of it. The father believed that by giving out the land to his son he will be signaling his readiness to die and so he told his son off.
Cases of land disputes such as this one are rampant in Africa and given the huge role land plays in agriculture and it is going to play in solving youth employment problem, they need to be addressed right from the roots. While we should not condone such actions as Waswa’s, parents have a key role in preventing such occurrences.

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