Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Land rights, poverty and food security

Women are the ones who farm for food. Women are the ones who feed families. So there is an evident link between land rights for woman and food security in Africa and therefore lacking secure land tenure, women are less likely to invest in improved farm production. As we seek to involve youths in agriculture, we also need to address them in respect to land rights too.
Better land rights definitely translate into the ability of one to invest into the land resources. However, it is not just a question of good land rights that will guarantee our food security – this also comes with proper infrastructure.
The relation between food security and ending poverty is clear. You need land to produce and if you do not have access to land, you cannot invest in it in order to increase your productivity.
There is a corelation between having land rights, achieving food security and overcoming poverty. But land isn't the only asset that women and youths require. A package of support must accompany land rights. We must also look at food sovereignty because food sovereignty is about all the aspects that relate to food: not just the land, not just having something to eat but also to ensure that we protect our seeds, we protect our environment and that we have good quality food that is culturally acceptable – as is being encouraged by Infonet-Biovision


  1. Everyone has equal rights to the Land and resources of the Earth. Bravo! EVERY form of taxation is removed. 100% of the rental value of Land (based on current market value) is collected. 100% of the revenues from the Land rent are redistributed to every man, woman and child equally. EVERYONE receives a Land Dividend that exactly equals the Land rent on the average piece of Land . Infrastructure is funded by fair use fees - use it you pay, don't use it you don't pay. This places the monetary system within the boundaries of Life which ensures equal Freedom and Responsibility for ALL. Bravo!

  2. Wish you left your identity and even your location but from your comment above, it is clear you are from a different country. What you've just described above is the ideal situation with regards to this important subject but honest, that's not the case here in Kenya and in many other developing countries and that's why this area need a lot of attention.