Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Value Addition in Agri-Business Value Chain

The small holders, mostly poor in rural areas, have been dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods. It has been observed that due to overexploitation of natural resources available and accessible to them, the primary production activities (agriculture and animal husbandry) carried out by them are under increasing threats of sustainability. This notwithstanding, farmers continue getting poor rewards for their hard work on the farm due to the crude form in which they sell their products. A simple step of value addition can make a big difference financially. Such was the theme of this conference that was held in Uganda;

The following are some of the benefits of value addition;
• Increased farm level incomes.
• Diversity of incomes.
• Reduced risks from external factors and stabilized farm output prices.
• Improved productivity of inputs and reduction in cost of production.
• Improved capacities to organize and manage complex operations for agricultural production.
• Socially acceptable and better quality of life will be achieved.

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