Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There is need for concerted efforts from all players to get the youth involved in agriculture.

The event was flocked by the elderly with the youth
giving it a wide berth

I recently attended a farmers’ field day in Meru and as a strong advocate of youth for agriculture, I was amazed at their dismal performance in terms of attendance. There was practically no youth who came for the event except for those who were selling snacks to hungry grandmas and papas or driving them home after enlightening themselves, the event was flocked by the elderly in their retirement or almost and planning to invest in agriculture. This showed how the youth in Meru have lost touch with agriculture and this is also true for many other parts.
Concerted efforts such as those exhibited by YPARD, The New Agriculturist, CTA and many others geared towards supporting youth's involvement in agriculture need to be stepped up to wow more youth into the sector. In this same breath, youth in Kenya and Ghana are encouraged to join the YPARD’s  mentoring programme which seeks to empower the youth.

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