Thursday, August 25, 2011

ICTs and food security

“My people are perishing for lack of knowledge” goes a biblical verse. Today, the same is true and hence the need for concerted efforts to reverse the trend especially with regards to food security. Community information resource centers should be put in place.

These would help in providing information about different aspects of food production ranging from cultivation, crop management and harvesting, storage mechanisms all the way to marketing strategies. To many people, when you talk about food storage they think of different stuff – some see grass thatched granaries only when there exists different storage mechanism which are not known by the populace. I trust that community resource centers equipped with the necessary ICT gadgets and information officers can be of great help in demystifying some of these technologies.

African universities and other learning institutions should also adopt Web 2.0 technologies and use social media for teaching as they these institutions can reduce running costs, mobilise learning resources and expand research capacity with social media.

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