Monday, August 15, 2011

Agriculture; green gold??

At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they see it can be done, then it’s done and all the world start to wonder why it was not done long ago; this was the scenario a few years ago when mobile phones were a reserve of the top cream in Kenya. Starting up a cell phone shop was seen as a waste of money as there were no many people buying mobile phones either. A few individuals who ventured into this business started reaping heavily from it and before everybody else realized and started flocking into it, they were millionaires and out looking for other business ventures.
Using technology to increase yields

About the current food crisis is in Kenya, I would say is deliberate and agriculturalists in this country are sleeping on huge reserves of undiscovered green gold. The crisis shows how important this sector is and so contrary to the view by youths that agriculture is dirty and less rewarding, investing in this sector is worth.
You only need access to all the proven tools available to help you produce more food in a more sustainable way. This should include advanced crop breeding using biotechnology and GM methods, which are already being used by more than 13 million farmers around the world and helping to deliver higher and more reliable crop yields while mitigating major threats to crop production, such as damaging effects of pests, diseases and droughts and you are set.
Another opportunity lies in the medicinal tree specie, lots and lots on investor companies from China are investing in these herbal products. Looking at the way global development is shaping up, China is favored and so if we think ahead and start investing in these tree species or herbs from which they manufacture their products, we might be their suppliers of raw materials. Spirulina platensis,(an algae) Neem tree and Moringa tree are some of the species one can consider investing in considering their future demands.      
Given their age, youths have all the energy and so more advantaged than the old forks. They are tech savvies and given that ICTs are panacea to accessing relevant information, the ball is in their courts.   

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  1. " Good Item, Hudson. I see it much better when most if not all, young men were told and knew this, not just you and I."