Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proper post harvest management for food security and better livelihoods

Effective post-harvest handling is paramount for maintaining the quality and freshness of fruits from when they are harvested to when they reach the consumer.

Improving efficiency and productivity of post harvest food handling and processing in the community goes along way in helping the people.

Milk processing
Processing provides for security of food supply, enhance the keeping quality of the original materials and, generally provide the basis for making a reasonable living.

This will ensure access to a more secure supply of foods and raw materials for manufacturing and provide for more employment opportunities while enhancing incomes and bringing greater prosperity to people.

Food industries are an excellent form of income for the entrepreneur and markets can be better exploited, with crops stored pending price rises and selling when the time is right.
Drying of maize to prolong the storage period

Whether handling, storing and/or processing, access to improved technologies, to materials and information is paramount. As youth we therefore need to embrace the use of technologies and use them correctly as we venture into farming, this will also help in boosting the intellectual wealth of the communities in this regard.

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